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Response to Provincial Announcement

Our members are excited that  provincial leaders feel confident enough in our public health to further lift restrictions beginning next week.  As owners and operators of long term care delivery, we will work towards incorporating the changes as best as possible; however, there are other operational barriers that many of our long term care homes are now facing that don’t… Read more »

I started working at Northwood 3 weeks ago. Here are the heroes I’ve met

NORTHWOOD, NS  – I began my career as a nurse practitioner three weeks ago, hired by the Northwood long-term care facility in Halifax to help with COVID-19 pandemic relief. It happened quickly. I am working under a temporary licence, after my Dalhousie University master of nursing graduation ceremony and my national nurse practitioner’s exam scheduled… Read more »

Frontline workers are ‘beacons of light’ says Glen Haven CEO

CHRONICLE HERALD   Protecting the most vulnerable will be a defining chapter in Canada’s account of the COVID-19 pandemic, believes Glen Haven Manor CEO Lisa M. Smith. “It will be a measure of how our Canadian values and character stood up in the most difficult of hardships and darkest of hours. This includes valuing the… Read more »