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GOING GLOBAL: Innovation Partnership to Help Canadian Employers Facing Labour Shortages

GLEN HAVEN MANOR, NEW GLASGOW, NS — A groundbreaking and innovative partnership with the potential to help Canadian employers facing significant labour shortages and create labour mobility opportunities for qualified refugees has taken root in Nova Scotia, Canada. The partnership is positioned to have a significant positive impact on staffing shortages in the local health… Read more »

Creativity is needed in long-term care, says NHNSA

Staffing challenges in nursing homes across Nova Scotia is not new. In fact, it has been an emerging concern for several years. We need to think outside the box in how we approach this serious issue.  Administrators and their teams want the flexibility to respond with the staff resource that best fits the need of… Read more »

The LTC Advisory panel’s recommendation on staffing

The Nursing Homes of Nova Scotia Association wants the government to move quickly with the LTC Advisory Panel’s recommendations, especially staffing. We are in a crisis situation in Nova Scotia.

Minister’s Expert Advisory Panel to release report

The Minister’s Expert Advisory Panel on Long Term Care will release its recommendations on Tuesday, January 15, 2019.  The recommendations are the culmination of research, public consultation, and dialogue with more than 375 Nova Scotians. See full article News Site