Danish Hygge Approach to Well-Being & Innovative Methods

In today’s world, the sharing of best practices at a national and even international is now a reality for many sectors and with increasing demands faced by facilities delivering continuing care within Nova Scotia, it is becoming more necessary to seek innovations that will pave a path to the highest of standards.  Long-term care is very different than it was even 20 years ago,” says Lisa Smith, CEO for Glen Haven Manor.  “Nova Scotians are living to more advanced years and seniors are often staying in their personal homes longer. When they enter a new stage in their lives that requires more support and come to a long-term care facility, the level of care required is often at a high level. We must be prepared to offer the very best of continuing care practices along with a high quality of life for our elders and to assure the well-being of each resident with a wholistic approach. At Glen Haven we believe in investing in education and training as well as seeking out innovative and progressive care standards. We are interested in investigating in the most promising and best practices that have achieved very worthwhile and positive outcomes in other places across Canada and around the world.” … continued

Hygge Healthcare Tour to Denmark Information:  https://canada.um.dk/en/the-trade-council/news/newsdisplaypage/?newsid=efd92e94-151c-4501-94c5-1501792f04cb