‘It’s Our Turn’: Signs draw attention of NS election candidates, voters to long-term care concerns


NHNSA board chairwoman says time has come to talk about people, not beds

KENTVILLE, N.S. — It’s time to stop talking about beds and institutions and to start talking about people and homes when it comes to long-term care in Nova Scotia.

This is the position of the Nursing Homes of Nova Scotia Association (NHNSA), which has launched It’s Our Turn, a provincial communications campaign involving lawn signs.

The association is calling on political candidates across the province, from all parties, “to address the critical issues facing long-term care in Nova Scotia and to commit to a collective will and collaboration to make this transformation happen.”

“If we could get the collective will to make Nova Scotia long-term care world class, we have all of the elements,” NHNSA board chairwoman Susan MacDougall said.

“We need to change the language, we need to realize that it’s not going to be a cheap fix, but it can be the right fix. We can build the right solutions that our seniors deserve.” …continued