Response to Provincial Announcement

Our members are excited that  provincial leaders feel confident enough in our public health to further lift restrictions beginning next week.  As owners and operators of long term care delivery, we will work towards incorporating the changes as best as possible; however, there are other operational barriers that many of our long term care homes are now facing that don’t fall under the public health plan.

Effective May 8, 2020 our insurer added a contagion exclusion clause to nursing home insurance policies renewed since April 1, 2020 which means our members’ employees and volunteer boards of directors no longer have liability coverage in the event of a claim related to COVID-19 or any other contagious disease, now or in the future. While our members are doing everything possible to try and resolve this issue, some of our members may implement varying degrees of visitation and may introduce new requirements for visitors such as families and visitors signing waivers prior to entering the nursing home.

The Department of Health and Wellness are aware of this issue and are working with other government departments including the Department of Justice to find a solution that mitigates the risk to long term care operators in the province. We are grateful for their help.

Please understand that our first priority is the safety and care of our residents and we know that time spent with families and loved ones is of paramount importance. We hope to work through this matter quickly and with the least amount of impact on our residents. We appreciate the continued understanding and public support that is shown to our nursing home providers throughout the province.