nhnsa 2024 conference

The NHNSA Standing Strong Conference and Tradeshow represents the leadership and strength of long term care sector leaders and providers, policy makers, researchers, and corporate partners, as we continue in the face of the pandemic and natural disasters, to remain focused on providing innovative and compassionate care to our residents in Long Term Care (LTC). March 28th will be a comprehensive learning and networking experience for us to come together, collectively and united as partners in long-term care to share our unique strategies, leadership and expertise. The conference will feature top-notch speakers and change-maker sessions that will educate and inspire. We will have numerous outstanding leaders delivering and sharing compassion, leadership, and innovation in the LTC sector. We want to hear from you and invite you to offer to share your information and expertise among our colleagues, and Stand Strong together.


Call for Content —  Presentations & Poster boards
DeadLine: January 19, 2024


Call for Content applications opens: November 14, 2023
Conference Registration opens: January 5, 2024
Call for Content applications closes: January 19, 2024 @ 4:00 PM
Applicants notified of decision: January 29, 2024 (date subject to change)
Submission of Oral presentation slide decks due: March 11, 2024

Call for Content

We look forward to your submissions. Abstracts for Standing Strong 2024 should be submitted under one of the following content streams:

  • Innovation in Quality Care and Quality of Life for our residents (broad ranging, including allied health, social well-being, IPAC, nutrition, family engagement, palliative care, etc.)
  • Resiliency and Professional Development strategies for our teams (inclusive of HHR and DEI)
  • Leading organization change management, culture shift, and strategic planning
  • Efficient and effective operations & shared service models
  • Legal, risk management (disaster planning), and governance/administration roles accountability and responsibility


Here’s how it works:

  1. Register for the conference on January 5th.
  2. Submit your best practise in writing by Jan 19, 2024 to mennamacisaac@nhnsa.ca
  3. Identify the content stream your submission falls under and its title.

Format and topic summary: oral presentation format or member poster board

Please submit the title and a one-page summary of your topic regardless if it is a poster board or oral format.

Oral Presentations: 30 minute or 60 minute      

Please be aware that 60 minute applications may be limited to 30 minutes, dependent upon the number of applications.


The Evaluation Criteria:

  • Relevance and Potential Impact: The proposed topic reflects improved quality, efficiency, or outcomes for residents and or leaders and their teams. The information provides the opportunity for transformation and change in Nova Scotia nursing homes.
  • Innovative: The information is new or leading and reflects current sector needs and is supportive of future trends. Research and pilot work welcome.