NHNSA Launches “It’s Our Turn!” Campaign

HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA, July 20, 2021 – The Nursing Homes of Nova Scotia Association (NHNSA) is set to launch a provincial communications campaign that calls upon political candidates from all parties to address the critical issues facing long term care in Nova Scotia and to commit to a collective will and collaboration to make this transformation happen.

“Nova Scotia can have world-class, long-term care,” said Susan MacDougall, Board Chair for the NHNSA. “We just need the collective will as a province to get there.  We cannot wait any longer.  There has been a multitude of studies; it is intentional, enlightened action that is needed. There is too much at stake for our cherished elders and our sector. It is our turn for that to happen.”

The “It’s Our Turn” campaign calls for the establishment of a ministerial portfolio for Continuing Care that will prioritize the sector; draw attention to and clarify the investments needed to modernize and update nursing homes; demands a united provincial commitment required to truly transform long term care in Nova Scotia and seeks support to ensure a robust, viable workforce and a well-informed prioritization of the sector.

“Our demographics are screaming for attention and we need a government that recognizes the talent and innovation in our sector by establishing a separate ministerial portfolio to leverage that knowledge and focus on transforming senior care in NS,” says Michele Lowe, Executive Director of NHNSA. “Long-term care is getting lost in provincial governance focused mainly on acute care. Both areas need focus. Our elders and those who provide their care deserve these investments now. Promises made, must be promises kept.”

In addition to election signs on lawns throughout the province, Nova Scotians can also expect to see NHNSA branded signs calling for action on the important issues that have been facing long term care for decades. “We believe it is critical that our community members understand the issues facing our sector and in turn will ask political candidates how well versed they are on long term care and how they are prepared to respond,” says Lisa M. Smith, CEO, Glen Haven Manor. “Long term care in Nova Scotia honours our elders and celebrates every season of life. We also provide opportunities for careers with noble purpose and the chance to be difference makers. Long term care deserves to be in the spotlight and the key priorities identified by those living, breathing and loving it everyday addressed.”



Success through collective capacity.

We are the collective voice for people living and working in nursing homes in Nova Scotia. Raising awareness through one unified voice, the NHNSA plays a significant role in driving transformational change and investment for long term care in this province.

What is Long Term Care?

Long-term care facilities licensed and funded by the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness provide services for people who need ongoing care; either on a long-term basis (permanent placement) or short-term basis (respite care).

There are two types of long-term care facilities available, nursing homes and residential care facilities.

Nursing Homes are important options for people who have difficulty performing everyday tasks such as, dressing, bathing and toileting. Nursing home placement is appropriate for people who are medically stable but have nursing needs that cannot be met through home care.

To learn more about Nursing Homes and Residential Care facilities in Nova Scotia click onto https://novascotia.ca/dhw/ccs/long-term-care.asp


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