Nursing Homes of Nova Scotia Association

Nursing Homes of Nova Scotia Association is the collective voice for advancing world class nursing homes in Nova Scotia. Founded in 2011, we are a not-for-profit Association supporting not-for-profit, for-profit, municipal, and multi-facility nursing homes across the province of Nova Scotia. We are solution-focused, and bring an innovative approach to address opportunities and challenges across the sector.

Our Association believes in advocating and leading to influence change. We are committed to innovative approaches that ensure safe, high-quality standards of care. We support our members by sharing best practices through facilitated round-table discussions; offering educational and networking opportunities; and engaging direct feedback on government policy and sector issues.

Our Mission

Together, we build solutions to ensure the highest standards of care for nursing homes in Nova Scotia.

Our Vision

The Nursing Homes of Nova Scotia Association is the collective voice for advancing world-class nursing homes in Nova Scotia.

Our Values

To achieve our vision of “Advancing world-class nursing homes” we have adopted the following values to guide our work:

Courageous: We challenge the status quo and proactively engage in conversations to protect and sustain the highest standards for best practice in long-term care in Nova Scotia.

Accountable: Our work is grounded in integrity and trust. We are accountable to nursing home residents and their families and take this responsibility seriously. We are solutions-focused, make evidence-based decisions and develop resourceful plans that are actionable to protect the best interests of the people we serve.

Innovative: We are an association of inspirational nursing home experts with a vision to completely transform long term care in the province. We explore opportunities for research and innovation to improve the quality of care for nursing home residents, strengthen capacity amongst our membership and support the advancement of the sector.

Supportive: We support families, residents, staff and members to ensure their voices are reflected in the decision-making for the sector.