LONG TERM CARE day resources

Ways to Celebrate

NHNSA is proud to celebrate LTC Proud Day and we are excited that nursing homes across Nova Scotia and Canada will also be recognizing their teams and leaders. We will be communicating key messages and features about the sector through our website, Facebook page, LinkedIn and X (Twitter) accounts. 


We also hope that you will share and support our social media posts and use any of these hashtags #LTCProudDayNS #LTCProudDay #LongtermCareProudDay. We will be excited to share your posts as well. Some of you may have ordered LTCProud t-shirts and you still have time to order the Hero  bars designed especially for long term care from Peace by Chocolate. 


Please take a few nice pictures of your team members with each other as well as with your cherished residents to tell the world about the special connections and quality care you are providing. 


You may decide to have a BBQ or picnic for your team, host a concert, organize  a multicultural snack day, have some special  draws or other creative ideas. You could invite your community’s mayor, councillors or warden along with your MP or MLA to stop by and offer their appreciation and have a few snapshots taken that you and they too may share on social media. 


NHNSA has arranged for a series of special messages to pay tribute to our sector and we will be hearing from the Honourable Barb Adams. Minister of Seniors and Long Term Care; NHNSA Chair Kyle Richardson; NHNSA Executive Director Menna MacIsaac; NHNSA Director Stephen Doiron; Vanessa Yurchesyn representing our title sponsor Complete Purchasing Services and Michelle Ray, internationally recognized motivational speaker and recruitment and retention expert.  

We have prepare some marketing collateral for you to add your own logos to and to share through your preferred mediums-  in print as posters or through social media platforms and websites leading up to ( starting June 10) and on LTC Proud Day (June 13). 


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Have a great LTC Proud Day and we can’t wait to celebrate you!