NHNSA Annual Report Released at AGM

HALIFAX, N.S. — The Nursing Homes Association of Nova Scotia released its Annual Report at the Annual General Meeting held June 22 at the Rosaria Centre, Mount Saint Vincent University, Beford, NS. The report entitled, Building Momentum for Change features highlights of the past year including the Inaugural LTC Awards of Excellence and our leadership conference, Reimagining Long Term Care: Bold & Courageous Change, the Art of Resilience leadership development day and evaluation of the project, as well as the laser focus we carried out on strengthening the capacity of our strong membership by education delivery and knowledge inspiration through our webinars, conference presentations, networking sessions, mentoring, strategic conversations and specialized training programs.  Our strategic priority of Advocacy is also featured as a foundational pillar of NHNSA.  It is through this collective voice that we raise issues impacting our sector, find solutions to barriers and engage in evidence-based strategies that support and makes the case for policy changes and improvements for those living and working in LTC.  There are also inspiring stories of our members most promising practices as well as acknowledgement and recognition of the exemplary collaborations and support for each other that our sector consistently and willingly demonstrates through challenges, crisis, and achievements.

Board Chair Kyle Richardson delivered a message of hope and recognition, stating, “It has been a monumental year for both the Association and our sector. We have seen unprecedented investments from government and a true comradery among members. Our collaboration and commitment to change is inspiring and what we will become uplifting.”  Chair Richardson also thanked our retiring ED Michele Lowe applauding her leadership and describing her” expertise, dedication, and compassion as unmatched!”

In her Treasurer’s Report, Angela Berrette presented the financial position of NHNSA where budget targets were met, and a surplus carried over.  She highlighted the Healthcare Excellence Canada art of Resilience funding, the Canada Summer Grant program, the increased growth of brand awareness, event planning and additional communications as well a very successful and appreciated title sponsorship from Complete Purchasing Services along with strong sponsorship of our conference and gala awards.

Executive Director Michele Lowe also presented a comprehensive report stating NHNSA has moved forward with expanded growth, magnified visibility, and positive impact. She reflects on what she says is “the greatest role of her career- the honour of working with NHNSA and its members and partners for the past five years”. ED Lowe recognized the “dedication, compassion, and fierce commitment” among our members to deliver high quality care to Nova Scotia through their nursing homes and stated, “it has been inspiring to witness.”