Women’s History Month – October

October is Women’s History Month in Canada. NHNSA recognizes this is an opportunity to focus on the women and girls in our lives, from both yesteryear and today, who are making our nation a better, stronger and more inclusive one.
This month was selected for these celebrations because it was on October 18, 1929 that Canadian women were first legally declared to be ‘persons’. This year’s theme, Through Her Lens: Celebrating the Diversity of Women, emphasizes the importance of recognizing the achievements and contributions of women from diverse backgrounds. The focus is on listening to the unique and valuable perspectives, experiences, and challenges faced by women of all identities, heritages and circumstances.
As a sector which sees women fulfilling many, many roles as employees and management within LTC, it is important to demonstrate our leadership and support in encouraging their stories and experiences to be told, shared and respected.
Source: Women and Gender Equity Canada
Artwork: Rug Design by Artist Deanne Fitzpatrick; rug hooking by Kimberly Dickson